Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Element and Compounds

A compound is a substance made of 2 or more elements chemically joined together.
We made a compound where we made 2 elements turn into a compound.

We burned Mg which in return combined with O which made MgO

Mg was silver and gray at first then it turned into a white powder when it reacted  with oxygen. The fire turned bright white and the smoke was thick

Its very hard to reverse compounds back to the elements.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Robotics With Miss Choufin

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Also known as the red planet from its oxidized iron. Mars is really rocky so our tracks will be able to go over them easily. Our lander will be strong enough to go over the sand dunes as well. The nuclear battery is going to last a long time as well.

Robots are very interesting thing. They are human made objects that can be programmed to do thing humans do. Robots can also be made to look like humans or to look like machines. The robots normally have tasks set for them to complete. The tasks can range from something simple like sharpening a pencil to a machine that diagnoses people for illness. The robots are made from many different materials such as metal, plastic, hard materials, glass and many others.  Some robots have sensors used for things such as to find metal or to sense if something is in front of them. Robots are often sent to mars to find new information us human can't.

Sphero: The sphere is a round robot that we have used a few times. We had to use the Ipad to connect to it with Bluetooth.

Edison: The Edison is an orange rectangle with 2 wheels. It can move with claps. One claps makes it turn once then 2 claps make it go forward.

Ozobot: The Ozobot is a round robot that comes with special pens. The pens make tracks for the robot to follow. It can follow any line made by the pens.
The design process
We first sketched the diagram shown below and then started thinking of different ideas and designs to make our model better. The Lego one on the right is our end model you can see the difference from paper to Lego. we changed the shape and the different elements such as the nuclear battery and the censors.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017


This term We have been doing graphs. We had to think of a question and then ask everyone in the class, With the data we retrieved from asking everyone we made two graphs. Cola is the favorite by 5 people. Mountain dew and fanta had the least amount of likes both with 2 people liking them.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable arts 2017

For the past 9 weeks we have been creating our costumes for wearable arts. Wearable arts is when you pick a festival and create a costume dedicated to that festival. Me, Cleo and Emma made our costume about the cherry blossom festival. The cherry blossom festival we based ours on is in america ( there are two of the one is in japan). Japan sent over thousands of cherry blossom trees in 1912 as a peace offering. We have 2 parts two our dress it is a skirt and a top. The skirt is made by individually  plaiting strips of newspaper. This took a long time to do because it takes a bit too make one plait and this costume has a lot of the plaits. There are also origami paper cherry blossoms. We put these on the skirt they kind of look like vines. The top is ironed plastic bags paper mache. We then pained it white. The back has an open back with pink ribbon lacing it up. Emma also made a beautiful flower crown out of real flowers. She is going to make another one because the one in the photos have died.  Everything went well but sometimes it didn't go so well because they kept painting the top again and again when we didn't need to but we sorted it all out. I am the model and that means when we do the show i'm wearing the costume.  


Monday, 11 September 2017

Wk 7 Workbook

This week i had to complete this activity it was about fractions

Monday, 31 July 2017

Puppy origami

This week for our instructions part of reading we had to make a origami puppy face. This is the one I made and how to make It.